The one clear aim of Global USR Network is to help universities understand and appreciate the often harsh realities of Life and, even more essential, the fundamental impact on each of us through the personal empowerment of Giving. This last concept of USR expresses the revolutionary change now required of human behavior if we are to go forward as a successful species. We must be ready to give back to our planet and our humble multitudes without any desire whatsoever to receive anything in return, except their heartfelt appreciation. Global USR Network, given that the principle role of universities is to educate, proposes that social responsibility must become the fundamental basis on which all university teaching is grounded. An integral part of every course subject should be the application of social responsibility to that knowledge. Every graduate should not only be well versed in his or her field of study, but even more so, the students' minds must have instilled within their learning the selfless desire and ultimate goal to be completely socially responsible, without any desire for reward of any kind other than the realization that what he or she does is improving the lives of all mankind and making the Earth a better place on which to live.