Given the stressed condition of the world and the ever-mounting needs of society everywhere in this 21st century, it is now essential that University Social Responsibility (USR) has begun to receive attention to global universities and turned to play a vital role in the university teaching and educating system.

In fact, by reference to the final declaration of the World Conference of Higher Education of UNESCO in 1998, some aspects related to the social mission of higher education organizations have been identified, such as, to ‘educate highly qualified graduates and responsible citizens, giving students the opportunity to develop their own full abilities with a sense of social responsibility. And in the final conference declaration of 2009, UNESCO again reaffirms the duty of higher education not only to provide skills, but also to contribute to the formation of citizens endowed with ethical principles, committed to building peace, and defending human rights and democratic values.

As the world citizenship, Global USR Network has already contributed and committed ourselves as a mean for global universities to strengthen the discussion and implementation for the better sustainable USR topics and related such as leadership role of University Social Responsibility within teaching, and also Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for business.

In man’s history over the past 150 years, advancement was essentially selfish, where each individual sought to acquire as much as possible for her or his own, private enjoyment. Now that human selfishness, an obviously negative trait, must be challenged and rooted out if we are to survive, not only ourselves but the exponentially growing masses without sufficient food, water, shelter, or, obviously, any education. Now is the time for the centers of higher learning around the world to reach out with open hands to the world and its masses with all the learning they possess and simply give. This can be done with Global USR Network.